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PTSD Treatment North Brisbane

Anyone who has experienced trauma in life can suffer from PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often associated with combat veterans and terrorist attacks, but PTSD is actually most commonly caused by traumas which can affect any of us, and include physical and sexual assault, car accidents, and terminal and life-threatening illnesses. As a result, anyone who has experienced trauma in life can suffer from PTSD and, in fact, many people experience the symptoms without realising it. 

Fortunately, there’s an increasing awareness of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder in modern society, and PTSD treatment isn’t only widely available, there are also more PTSD therapy options available. Therapies for post traumatic stress disorder include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and EMDR therapy, both of which our qualified and compassionate trauma psychologist offers at our Brisbane northside psychology clinic in Stafford Heights.

What is PTSD?

PTSD can affect everyone, regardless of age, occupation and life experience.

As discussed above, PTSD not only affects soldiers and victims of violent attacks, it’s caused by trauma and can affect everyone, regardless of age, occupation and life experience. Moreover, many people with PTSD don’t actually experience trauma first-hand — it frequently occurs in people who’ve witnessed a horrific or traumatic event, like domestic violence between parents, a motor vehicle accident or a natural disaster. 

People who suffer from PTSD and could benefit from therapy for post traumatic stress disorder may experience vastly different symptoms from one another. However, these intense feelings (including extreme anxiety and/or fear) can be grouped into four broad categories:

  • Feeling emotionally numb — A lack of emotion or a feeling of detachment are often symptoms of PTSD and an indication that PTSD treatment should be sought. 
  • Feeling constantly wound up — Irritability, tension, stress, lack of concentration and sleeping difficulties are all common PTSD symptoms. 
  • Constantly reliving the event — Flashbacks and recurring nightmares, for example, accompanied by anxiety or panic attacks, sweating and palpitations. 
  • Avoiding reminders of the event — Avoiding people, places, feelings and thoughts that remind the individual of the event or bring back unwanted memories. 

Don’t let PTSD snowball

Get the help and support you need with PTSD counselling.

Traumatic events or experiences can exacerbate pre-existing mental health conditions or bring about other problems, like anxiety, depression or substance abuse issues. As PTSD can snowball into serious problems without the proper help and support, anyone who feels they may be experiencing symptoms should seek PTSD counselling. North Brisbane Psychologists offer PTSD therapy and treatment at our Brisbane northside psychology clinic in Stafford, and provide a safe and welcoming environment, making the experience less daunting for those who could benefit from post traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Over 12% of Australians experience PTSD, so if you feel shame or fear about seeking PTSD counselling from a trauma psychologist don’t — you’re not alone. To book a consultation with a PTSD psychologist at Brisbane Centre for Psychology, contact us today.

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