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Think it might be time to see a psychologist for couples therapy and get your relationship back on track?

Sometimes you need a bit of sensitive navigation to get a relationship back to happier times. You and your partner might have come to the end of your time together and are looking for some compassionate guidance so you can part ways as amicably as possible. Or you could be trying to get over a relationship that has already ended so you can move on with your life. Relationship and marriage counselling at our north Brisbane clinic can help.

At Brisbane Centre for Psychology in Stafford Heights, our caring and compassionate counselors provide effective therapy that can dramatically ease the challenges and turbulence that couples may experience when a relationship turns to conflict.

If you and your partner are experiencing challenges and frustration in your relationship and it’s become a pattern of conflict, you could both benefit from relationship counselling at our Brisbane northside clinic. Our qualified marriage psychologists at Brisbane Centre for Psychology apply a range of behavioural couples therapy techniques to help you and your partner identify and work through the issues in your relationship.

When you take the steps to repairing a relationship, the relief you feel far outweighs any embarrassment or discomfort you may have about seeking help. What’s more, not seeking help when you know your relationship needs it may only make the situation worse.

Don’t postpone getting the help you need. Take positive action today.

Our Couples therapy at Brisbane Centre of Psychology uses techniques backed by science

Benefit from relationship therapy techniques that are proven to work.

At Brisbane Centre for Psychology, our counsellors apply methods for couples in relationship therapy that are strongly backed by science. Our therapists specialise in relationship and marriage techniques including:

Take the first steps to getting your relationship back on track or coming to terms with a one that has ended by booking couples therapy or marriage counselling at Brisbane Centre for Psychology. This therapy is offered with an afforable gap fee for each session. Please contact our team for more information.

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