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A systematic approach to meeting your emotional needs in a healthy and positive way.

Schema Therapy Brisbane

Schema therapy is an integrative therapy which uses elements from a variety of therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), object relations therapy and gestalt therapy to create a systematic approach to treating a variety of ‘schemas’.

Schemas are negative thought patterns that some people develop during childhood if their emotional needs aren’t met. They can be difficult to cope with, and if they aren’t addressed with therapy, can develop into contributing to problematic coping methods and behaviours which negatively affect you throughout life. The aim of schema therapy is to teach you how to meet your emotional needs in a healthy and positive way without causing you distress. 

Our fully qualified and experienced psychologists offer schema therapy at our Brisbane northside clinic at Stafford, along with additional therapies that are backed with science, including CBT and EMDR therapy.

Safe, comfortable schema therapy

Get the support you need from highly qualified psychologists in a safe environment.

Countering the negative effects of schemas can be traumatic for some people, which is why it’s so important to undertake schema therapy with a qualified psychologist you feel comfortable with. Should you engage in schema therapy at Brisbane Centre for Psychology, you’ll benefit from the caring, compassionate nature of our fully qualified and certified psychologists, along with a safe and welcoming environment. 

Think you could benefit from schema therapy to help you identify and overcome negative thought patterns which are preventing you from coping with life’s issues and living life to the fullest? 

Book with a schema therapist at Brisbane Centre for Psychology in Stafford Heights and take your first steps to life on your terms.

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