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Our effective organisational psychologists can elevate your professional development. 

Many workers spend more of their waking hours in the workplace than in their homes or with their family. Infact, a recent employee human behaviour study reported that the average Australian spends approximately 38 to 42 hours a week at work.  

Working in an environment or organisation that doesn’t promote a healthy workplace can severely impact a person’s quality of life and their mental state.

Our experienced organisational psychology team assists employees who are struggling with their time at work. Our psychologists have spent years studying human behaviour in the workplace. We use this understanding to work with individuals to increase motivation, job satisfaction and overall mental health.

The importance of industrial and organisational psychology

Our psychologists can help you prioritise your own wellbeing while still reaching levels of success.

Often people will suffer through their time at work because they don’t know that there are options available to them. They may even find themselves being placed on performance management. Other people will retreat within themselves as situations and normal human behaviour in their work and home life overwhelms them. 

Often, people try to find their own solution, often by removing themselves from the workplace. On average, Australians change their career paths between five to seven times. The causes are often found to be work stress, job dissatisfaction and feeling unappreciated. However, this could be a temporary answer and such a drastic change can induce more stress. 

There is a solution with modern organisational psychology providing our professionals with a range of techniques to assist the individual and the overall workplace.

Our registered psychologists at Brisbane Centre for Psychology have the experience and dedication to help you with the quality of your work life.

Key indicators that you would benefit from this branch of psychology

Awareness is the first step to a better life.

As with other areas of psychology, everyone has different experiences and as a result they have different triggers and coping mechanisms. Therefore, each of our psychology programs will be tailored to your circumstances. 

How do you know if organisational psychology can assist you? There are key signs to monitor as they are indicators that it would be beneficial to engage with this service:  

  • Chronic stress
  • Inability to effectively communicate with colleagues and management 
  • If you feel anxious or depressed about the workload and time spent outside of business hours
  • Neglecting personal health and other areas of your life
  • Thinking about work constantly 
  • Deteriorating personal relationships. 

It’s difficult to take personal responsibility for your work-life balance. This is especially true if your team and management have high expectations and demands. If you contact Brisbane Centre for Psychology you won’t have to do it alone. 

Our experienced psychologists can create a training program that provides you with the tools to build a healthier life at work. This can include setting healthy boundaries with others and yourself. This will improve your work performance and communication as a result.

The advantages of organisational development

Some organisations don’t have a human resources team on payroll. This can become difficult for employees who are currently facing difficulties in the workplace. 

Our team of caring psychologists can give you the advice to become your own human resources team, not just in your current role but for all future professions. 

In addition to that, you could see the following improvements at work:

  • Enhanced work processes that prioritise time management 
  • Better overall work culture as your refined workflows and new outlook could inspire your colleagues
  • Increased productivity as you will be guided to work smarter and not longer 
  • Job satisfaction after setting healthy boundaries to create more of a work-life balance 
  • Improved interactions with management and colleagues
  • Healthy communication and ability to positively challenge colleagues. 

Arguably, the most important improvement is taking back control over a huge portion of your time.

Finding solutions through organisational psychology in Brisbane 

A common misconception is believing that everyone should merely suffer through work until retirement. This doesn’t have to be your reality.

With the help of professional psychology, you can improve your mental health at work. Consequently, this should improve your mental health across other areas of your life. 

At Brisbane Centre for Psychology, we have a range of qualified organisational psychologists with a wealth of knowledge to share with you. 

You can find their detailed information here: 

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